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Additional Client Testimonials

"Karie is an amazing finder of the proverbial needle in the haystack. She contacted me about a role at AWS which was an amazing fit and amazing opportunity that I would have never found on my own. She coached me through the process and I was hired 21 days from her 1st email."

- Harry Katch, Technical Trainer

"Karie provides a unique experience from the initial call leading up to the hiring decision. Oh and also the relationship carries on once hired. I am blessed to have had a charismatic yet professional recruiter reach out to me like Karie who actually cares about the right fit on both ends. I was left with no doubt at all throughout the interview process as she is 100% transparent and honest! She helped strenthen our AWS training department staffing the best people to spread AWS knowledge across the world! She ensured I maintained the level of confidence required to demonstrate my skills flawlessly. I recommend her service, guidance and expertise in hiring forever."

- Alfred Louis, Technical Trainer

"Karie is extremely personable and generous with sharing her expertise -- which is significant -- about job prospects in the Orlando market. Within a few minutes' conversation, mountains were moved in terms of my job search. She pointed me to a great client near my home and it turns out they were hiring in my field! Within 24 hours I applied for a job and my resume was forwarded to the hiring manager! Her expertise is invaluable. Karie is an asset to job seekers and employers alike!"

-Amy Wilson, Copywriter

“Karie is a burst of light and love...She is dependable, detail-oriented and extremely personable; allowing those around her to have fun, feel at ease and themselves in her presence. Further, she is intuitive to the needs of those around her, she is helpful, and would welcome and assist guests with the utmost care and concern. She is a connector and a fearless adventurer who would thrive in the fast-paced environment the Orlando FL areas. I’m glad saying to you Karie THANK YOU for your hard work on helping candidates like myself.”

– Antonelly Reyes-Alcantara, System Engineer


“Karie has [been] very instrumental in helping me secure a position as a Project Manager for a major utility company in Orlando. She was personable, timely, professional and responsive. I would recommend anyone who is seeking employment to contact her.”

Phil McWhorter, Business Development Manager

"I found Karie to be eager, responsive, and professional in her demeanor."

-Patricia Cline, HR Manager 

“Karie is fantastic to work with, a recruiter who honestly worked to understand you, your requirements and your business culture and standards. I have dealt with many recruiters and ultimately dealt exclusively with Karie as she demonstrated an ongoing capacity to find the right fit. She is reliable, dependable, thorough in her due diligence and never walked away from the hard assignments.”

Josper Mwakasinga, Sr. ETL Developer (Data Warehouse)

“Karie worked with me as a recruiter to place me in my current position. She has always been upbeat, helpful, and considerate. I have really enjoyed working with her.”

– Chris Gustin, Network Engineer

“Karie is great to work with. She is friendly and very detailed oriented. She kept me in loop every step of the way. Attended my calls and replied my emails promptly. I would highly recommend her.”

– Reggie Aftab, Sr. Project Manager/Program Manager (PMO)

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